Website Check

You need to make sure that your website is as secure as possible for 2 reasons:

1) Your site can leak important information that can be exploited

2) Cyber criminals will identify that you don’t really know or care about security through simple checks

Follow the 4 crucial steps below to find out if your website is calling cyber criminals to it.

Each one of these steps allow a criminal to identify that you have either minimal Security Awareness or simply Cyber Security is not a priority for you.

(Total Time Required – 8 minutes)

Step 1: SSL Certificate

Solution Time: 5 minutes

This is one of the most telling mistakes that a business can make. Most web browsers tell every visitor that your website is not secure – this can include your clients or a hacker.

Watch this 3 minute video to see why you must have an SSL certificate and how simple it is to install one.

Step 2: Remove Scannable Emails

Solution Time: 1 Minute

Check your site for email addresses that can be picked up by automated software.

When Cyber Criminals collect these they often spam in bulk.


Step 3: Perform A Quick Scan

Solution Time: 1 minute

Using Sucuri’s free scanner you check if your website is showing any vulnerabilities.


Step 4: Website Up-To-Date?

Solution Time: 1 minute

Securi will let you know if your website is up to date. If it flag any outdated parts to your site get them fixed today.

Just by taking 8 minutes you can remove a number of signals that Cyber Criminals are searching for. They are looking for the low hanging fruit – vulnerable targets.

You are also preventing the interception of data sent to and from the site

Don’t let your business be an easy target make these changes now.

The Next Step …

Here’s What To Do Next

That’s your website covered.

Now watch our Free Case Study video to see how you can secure your employees from Cyber Attack using our 5 Step Mindsec Method


Watch our case study video.



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