How To Prevent A Cyber Attack On Your Business In 60 Minutes Without Technical Jargon

How To Prevent A Cyber Attack On Your Business In 60 Minutes Without Any Technical Jargon

Over 95% Of Cyber Attacks Are Caused By Human Error

The obvious solution to Cyber Attacks is therefore to help people understand the mistakes they are making and introduce measures that prevent these mistakes.

We need to consider all the main threats that currently exist – For example: email threats, password threats, social media threats etc

Then we need to consider what human mistakes are transforming threats into attacks – For example: Posting our email address on a website, Using the same password across various accounts, Oversharing information on Facebook etc

Lastly we need to create interesting content that helps people understand how to prevent the mistakes in the first place.

If we do this in a technical, complicated or boring way then people will switch off

In order to learn people need to be given the solution in a simple, interesting way.

As soon as we mention Cyber Security the majority of people will automatically switch off.

It’s a preconceived idea that cyber security = boring. Most of the time they are right.

Do We Need All This Technical Jargon?

There is no need for technical jargon

Most cyber security experts over complicate the issue

These experts use their own language when they interact with each other.

The issue becomes apparent when they need to speak to regular people.

In fact in order to get the message across in the right way we should think of explaining the subject as if we are speaking to a 10-year-old child.

This way then we know that everything is clear and understood

Cyber Security Is Long Winded

The other issue is that most cyber security training is long-winded.

The key here is that we provide all the necessary information required to protect a person, whilst not delving too deep into a particular subject.

The idea is to give a solid foundation, that covers all the bases with regards to each type of threat.

We call this MVC or Minimum Viable Content

 The Important Points –

  1. Most Cyber Attacks are caused by human error
  2. We need to focus our solution on educating our people
  3. There is no need for technical jargon.
  4. We only need to learn the Minimum Viable Content

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