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We Prepare You For A Coming Cyber Attack

Protecting You With 60 Seconds Of Cyber Awareness Per Day

The Problem

Most, if not all of us want the peace of mind of knowing your data, money and private files are safe from cyber attack.

You want as little time and money as possible spent on security software and solutions – we understand this.

The reality though is somewhat different.

Most cyber awareness solutions use boring, endless cyber security education content. These courses actually create more problems than they solve:

You Get Bored After Only A Few Minutes Of Study

The problem is the word 'Study'. In order to learn any of this vital information you need to enjoy it.

This Training Takes Up Too Much Of My Time

We don't even have 5 minutes to spend on this. Our busy lives and businesses take up to much time already.

Cyber Awareness Is Not Monitored

There is usually no way of checking if the information is retained – will you put it into action? Actually help keep you or your business secure?

The Solution

We have the solution, it’s this simple:


Get Free Access

Signup and use our video content and platform completely free for one month!


60 Seconds Per Day

You will receive a new 60 second video daily (Monday-Friday) via email (You can opt out of emails at anytime)


Secario Dashboard

You can access all your video content via our online platform, to watch and enjoy in your own time.


Short Quiz

Each month you will be tested through a short quiz to see that you have retained the video information


Watch Your Progress

You can monitor how you progress through our simple to use dashboard

Need More Users?

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Keep An Eye How They Progress

You will be able to watch and monitor exactly how they are protecting you and your business through the Secario Dashboard.

You (and your employees) will receive regular updates on how things are progressing via email –
– Are videos being watched?
– How did you do in the quiz?
– Are you protected?

Up To Date Threats

New Cyber Threats appear on a daily basis. We keep our video content up-to-date with the latest threats and how to prevent attacks.

Success Story

” Secario is non-intrusive. By this I mean they send you a video each work day and it only lasts a minute! If you want to use it to educate your employees or colleagues how to stay safe online it’s a great solution. Each month you get a simple quiz just to reinforce what you have learnt.”


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