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Helping Small Businesses Reduce Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats are a major issues for small businesses with many businesses suffering considerable financial and reputational damage. With over 90% of hacks occurring through the end-user (human) it is critical that small businesses provide security awareness training to their employees.

Secario is dedicated to helping small businesses reduce Cyber Risk. We have developed a range of leading edge content to help your employees understand the potential threats that exist and how their behaviors can have a direct impact on the security of your business. Our team has developed in-depth experience in running security awareness programmes for hundreds of small businesses to reduce risk and develop human-focused defenses.

We know the challenges that small businesses face in delivering costly training so we have developed a cost-effective and high-impact solution that’s easy to deploy. The solution is also designed to be user-friendly for managers and administrators and we have avoided using complex cyber jargon. This lets administrators set up and run their programmes quickly and easily.

Our solution provides a range of engaging content in short modules to help your teams understand the potential threats facing your business. This covers important topics such as data security, phishing and social engineering. In addition, our modular structure allows you to deliver the training quickly and efficiently so your teams can receive the training they need. This contrasts with other complex solutions and saves you both time and money.


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Secario’s approach to Security Awareness Training:

A Range Of Fun And Engaging Content

We provide fun and engaging content which allows the user to understand the key messages. This allows users to quickly understand the types of cyber threats that exist and how they might impact on your business.

Modular Based Learning

Secario has a range of content covering key topics such as Web Security, Phishing and Social Engineering. Our training modules are short and concise and enable your employees to go through a range of key cyber threats. We also provide real life examples where appropriate.

Integrated Quizzes

Secario also integrates Quizzes after each module. These quizzes ensure that your employees have understood the key messages within each module.

Tracking & Reporting

Secario also provides detailed tracking and reporting so that you can monitor and track your programme. This is designed for small businesses and allows you to quickly assess your training programme.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

CEO – Manufacturing Company
"The information in the content is eye opening. Some of the Cyber Security Threats I had never even heard of before starting the course"
Owner – IT Business
"Simple, quick and interesting. The quizzes and user progress are a great way to test if my team have actually understood what is being taught."
Managing Director – Financial Services Company
"The content is quite enjoyable to watch, this makes it easy to understand and helps our staff remember key aspects."

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