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What Is The Problem?

95% of Cyber Attacks occur through human mistakes or error.

Antivirus promises to protect you from attack but this is not true. Human mistakes cannot be prevented through using Antivirus

Antivirus on its own is simply not the solution.

The Solution

Step 1: Prevent your website from being an attractive target to Cyber Criminals.

Follow a 4 step solution to prevent you from standing out like a beacon.

Step 2: Help your employees become aware of the latest threats in order to prevent attacks.

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Website Secure? Next Steps…

LLWhen you have made your initial changes to your website security it’s then the vital next step is to empower your people to prevent attacks through human error. 

The majority of Cyber Attacks are made through your people’s mistakes. It is relatively straightforward to to teach your employees the solutions in order to stay secure.

The difficulty comes in trying to do this quickly and effortlessly, so that it doesn’t interfere with the important day to day running of your business – 60 minutes per employee should be enough to make them completely aware.

Take a look at how we use a 5 step Mindsec method to accomplish this


Your Goal

The sole aim is to make your business secure from cyber attack through your people. Using easy to understand language, whilst spending minimal time and effort. 


All content should be created with a beginner in mind. Low to no tech speak to make it simple for all your people to understand is advised.


Don’t waste your time on long winded courses. You should be able to secure each of your employees within 60 minutes

Don't Play Games

Why waste time on the latest game or innovation in learning cyber security. Cyber Security training can be never ending. It’s important not to lose sight of your main goal.

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"A breath of fresh air in terms of how the training rewards instead of warns of threats.

Monarch Inc.

"Simple, effective.. There is not one piece of tech speech in the entire training! Usually I need to send some of my colleagues on additional courses just to understand what is being taught"

Extra Co.

“The training can easily be done in 1 hour!”

So simple! Secario covers all the bases.

“I ALso Thought cyber Security would be a waste of time”

I love the fact that we don’t need to do group training or spend hours playing games… They provide everything you need at a time that suits each individual in our business.

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Secario provides you with everything you need to be Cyber Secure in business.

No lecturing —  a fun and simple environment so you and your employees can quickly become aware.
We don’t provide you with certificates, degrees, credentials, badges or attendance awards – what’s the point when the security environment changes on a daily basis.
We provide you with real business results: A secure environment, free from cyber attacks caused by your staff.

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